Cloud Computing for Enterprises – Whitepaper (Published in 2012)

With cloud-based applications now mainstream, organizations looking to innovate while keeping their costs low should look at the cloud-based model. There are a number of options available from vendors providing IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS on the cloud and with a healthy ecosystem of partner solutions that fill the gaps not addressed by the vendors.
Consider the following questions while evaluating a cloud-based solution
•Will business users use the solution from the cloud?
•What is the total cost to do the business including the variable Infrastructure as a Service costs?
•Does the solution need to be built or assembled?
•Can the IT department support and manage the solution?
•Can the solution be licensed as a SaaS only or is there a need to look at Infrastructure and Development as Service providers also?•Does the vendor meet regulatory and compliance needs?

By answering these questions companies will be better informed as they decide to move to the cloud.


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