Patent – On Demand Instance

This groundbreaking design is specifically developed to address the challenges faced by enterprises when configuring and evaluating complex software systems, targeting sales, demo, and solution engineers.

🎯 Enterprises often encounter difficulties with intricate integrations, data setup, and customizations, leading to a lack of comprehensive hands-on/freemium experiences. As a result, substantial time and resources are invested in building and configuring personalized systems for customers across various industries and geographical regions. To overcome these challenges and unlock numerous benefits such as reduced customer acquisition costs and shorter sales cycles, this patent emphasizes three key elements:

✅ On-Demand Instance Creation Model: Our model empowers users to choose and combine data, configurations, and external integrations tailored to their specific customer scenarios. This facilitates a smaller cloud footprint, and a personalized demo experience, ensuring a seamless setup across internal and external solutions.

✅ Smaller Baseline Instance with a Content-Pack Store: Our leaner instance includes a content-pack store that supports localization (languages, regional business rules, etc.), customization (industry-specific, such as retail, manufacturing, CPG, and others), and extension (partner applications). This flexibility allows the system to easily adapt to various use cases and regions without any manual effort.

✅ Connecting System Demos with Value Messaging: This powerful feature enables sales and pre-sales teams to link their solutions and working systems with appropriate content such as scripts, videos, power points, and other collateral.

✨ By incorporating these three elements, this design streamlines the process of building and configuring live instances(as shown below) as per the customer landscape and requirements while requiring minimum customization. This provides our sales and presales teams with a more efficient and effective way to demonstrate the value of their software solutions in a hyper-personalized manner tailored to the unique needs of each customer and industry.

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