SuccessConnect 2022 — Product Keynote Summary

SF Homepage Reimagined homepage — provided quick access to goals, learning courses, rewards, time tracking, and more. 3 years back, it started with HCM>HXM — Creating individualized experiences for employees and providing moments that matter to them. The reimagined experience of the SF home page provided that, by providing this information on the homepage rather than navigating to a… Continue reading SuccessConnect 2022 — Product Keynote Summary

future of work, Web3

Web3 — The future of the internet

The evolution of Web2 to Web3 with the addition of new technologies We’re moving from where we rely on large, centralized organizations to provide us with everything we need to one where individuals are empowered to do so themselves. There are middlemen everywhere: social media networks, service providers, e-commerce sites — and even identity verification services like… Continue reading Web3 — The future of the internet

Machine Learning, SAP

Machine Learning — Auto ML vs Traditional methods

Comparing SAP Analytics Cloud Smart Predict, Smart Discovery and Python Source: The artificial intelligence index 2017 report shows various trends in the AI space. The job openings chart above shows the increase in demand for using machine learning algorithms and various other aspects of AI to solve business problems. There are some great tools… Continue reading Machine Learning — Auto ML vs Traditional methods


SAP Analytics Cloud- Smart Discovery

Machine Learning for business users SAP Analytics Cloud’s smart discovery feature, saves time by running automated machine learning algorithms in the backend to find out correlations between your dataset elements against a target metric(KPIs like revenue, time to fill days, sales, etc). With a few clicks, you can not only get all the influencers for… Continue reading SAP Analytics Cloud- Smart Discovery