Revolutionize Work Productivity with Generative AI – Part 1

Here’s a roadmap to get started:
🔹 Near-term: Focus on prompt engineering and implementing out-of-the-box prompts throughout your organization in the flow of work for employees(teams, outlook, etc.). This will provide immediate benefits and lay the foundation for more advanced applications.
🔹 Short to long-term: Assess strategies for building Large Language Models (LLMs) based on proprietary data, ensuring appropriate guardrails are in place. Consider constructing enterprise knowledge bases and fine-tuning models that can be accessed seamlessly at work (e.g., a Teams bot answering HR policy questions).
🔹 Future: Envision a connected enterprise where task-based AI applications bridge the gap between disparate on-premise and cloud-based systems. Integrating transactional systems with AI-driven prompts will offer your employees a seamless experience across various tasks, from booking travel to purchasing equipment.

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Share your thoughts and experiences on harnessing these transformative technologies for your organization.🌐

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